Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission:

NCO envisions developing a new society for children, where the rights of the child and a dignified Life and livelihood are assured.

Our mission is to protect and promote children’s rights as per the Convention on the Rights of the Child by collaborating with individuals and organizations throughout the world to strengthen a nationwide network and enhance the capacity to provide the best available care and support.


  • To organize child rights activities (awareness, advocacy and campaign) to eliminate all forms of abuse, exploitation, and injustice against the children.
  • To secure dignified future of the children at risk by providing them available best care.
  • To create pressure for ratification of international Conventions relating to the children.
  • To create pressure for formulation of laws for the best interest of the children.
  • To be proactive for the implementation of national, regional and international legal instruments including CRC 1989.
  • To provide solidarity support with the child rights protection activities.